Market Shopping in Leipzig, Germany

photo 2Back home from a busy Thanksgiving weekend of travel and shopping and slowly getting back to the grind. We spent Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in Dresden seeing the sites and doing some Christmas shopping and then Saturday was market shopping in Leipzig about a 45 minute drive from Dresden. The Leipzig marketis a monthly antique and flea market which is held on the last weekend of the month (Saturday and Sunday.) It features over 1000 stalls and is held in two large indoor halls and on the open fields around the hall. I recently had a dealer from one of our other markets recommend this market so I was eager to check it out.

We arrived  around 10 am Saturday morning, kids in tow, to a near freezing field full of hundreds of venders (these guys are hard-core.)  The amount of venders made my heart race and I was ready to shop cold or not. We decided to split up the boys shopping together and the girls shopping together. Me and Katie looped through the first field eying all the goodies but it didn’t take long before the cold set in. We had to make an emergency purchase, Hot tea and fur headbands to keep our ears from freezing off. This was an excellent investment! Reinvigorated we were ready to soldier on.

10445128_10152997110971019_80188154638020911_nOver the course of the day we saw just about anything and everything you could ever want. Baskets of buttons, linens and hardware along with furniture from every era. The prices were reasonable and the choices breathtaking.

And of course you guys ARE aware of my chair obsession, right? Leipzig is not the place for a chair addict, or maybe it was the perfect place. Everywhere I looked were piles and piles of amazing chairs. A blessing and a curse…

Needless to say I was in heaven. That was until the boys returned with their purchase…

I never should have left those two alone!
10301936_10152997112421019_826041817564731826_nLeipzig gets two thumbs up from me and even the kids had fun. I will definitely be heading back, maybe this time in the Spring…

Stop by tomorrow and check out some of our purchases (other than the ugly boars head.)

Market ShoppIng in Leipzig

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