The Amado – Mid Century Makeover

The_Amado02As far back as I can remember I have always loved the old motor inns you see littering the now neglected back highways of the U.S. Because I am always intrigued by the social aspects of how architecture was used in the past, I love the idea of reinventing these spaces for re-use today. I remember as a girl dreaming up how these little multi-unit complexes could be redesigned, each room having its own flare, giving these architectural gems new life. In these old motels I see so much untapped potential and I am always sorry so many are overlooked.

A few weeks ago I ran across the most amazing oasis, The Amado, featured on Apartment Therapy. You can imagine my excitement when I saw what the owner, Canadian photographer Jaime Kowal, had created in Palm Springs, Ca. From a run down 1955 mid-century modern building, which had operated for nearly 60 years as an apartment complex, she created boutique hotel suites perfect for a relaxing get away . Just what I had always dreamed of.

When I wrote Jaime to ask if she would mind if I shared her lovely hotel and to ask a few questions she was so gracious, she even dug up a few before photos for me. Surprisingly she said no one else had ever asked to see the before shots. Who doesn’t love a good before and after?

Jaime started her six month renovation with the building in the condition you see below.

“The condition was dire – there were decades of deferred maintenance. I literally renovated every aspect of the property including re-finishing the original concrete floors and patio around the pool, renovating the kitchens and bathrooms, re-doing the roof, plumbing and electric, re-designing the landscaping, and fully painting the interior and exterior of the building. I also designed and decorated all the interiors.” Jaime wrote me.

Well the conditions today are anything but dire…

From the original 5 unit apartment complex Jamie created  (4) one bedroom suites and (1) 2 bedroom suite nestled around a beautiful private courtyard including a heated pool and Weber BBQ. The boutique accommodations rent either as individual suites or you can rent the entire property. What an amazing place to have a get together or reunion!

The_Amado_Web-23 The_Amado_Web-50The_Amado_Web-9 The_Amado03It’s hard to believe that the beautiful interiors you see today began as the dark dingy spaces you see below.

Now the suites are bright and airy with just the right amount of color. Even better, because the suites where originally apartment units, each includes a private kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room.

The_Amado26  The_Amado37The two bedroom unit even boasts a chef’s kitchen and a vintage gas fireplace.

The_Amado_Web-32 The_Amado36The results of all Jaime’s hard work are breathtaking. What a beautiful save and a job well done!


Oh yes and don’t forget the view…

Anyone ready for a trip to Palm Springs? ( I just raised my hand.)  If so you can make reservations online or contact Jaime personally with questions.

Learn more about The Amado HERE.

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