Found it at the Market – November 2014

DSC062841. Composition sawdust and glue animals 3€ ($3.75) They may be deer or moose but they have holes in the top where antlers should go, I have a little project planned for them.

2. 1958 Dress pattern catalog 5€ ($6.25)

3. Fox Beer Stein (or maybe root beer since I bought it for my son) with boars hair whiskers 5€ ($6.25)

4. Ceramic pups 2€ ($2.50) These guys had a matching Momma dog that went with them but I had a klutz incident and she was the unfortunate victim.

5. Miniature portrait 10€($12.50) I think he is probably a reproduction but he will still look good with Chuck’s military portrait collection.

6. Framed paper cut silhouette 4€ ($5) When I started my collection it seamed like I saw these everywhere but lately they have become a little scarce so I am always glad to find one to add to my collection.

7. As always a few pieces of West German pottery or “Fat Lava” 2€($2.50),  .50€ ($.63), 3€ ($3.75)

Today I am starting a new addition to my “Found it at the Market” posts, sharing what I DIDN’T buy at the market. Every week I see some things that just make me say WOW! I will leave it at that and let you be the judge. This week it was this amazing piece of taxidermy, I think it may be a dog but really, WOW.

marrket 2

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