It’s Friday , High Five!

daydream_wallpaperPhoto via Boston Home Magazine

friday1. Loving this “Daydream” wallpaper by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West

2. DJERBAHOOD is the village of Erriadh in Djerba which hosted 150 street artists from thirty different countries to create an open air museum. The art is amazing, follow their work on Instagram to see them all.

3. Mid Century lamp by West Elm, please come home with me.

4. SPROUT Little Green Bookmarks by Fred And Friends, will make you want to sit down this weekend and read a book.

5. Pretty Pansy Vase from Anthopologie. My mom got me one of these for Christmas last year but I would love to have the whole set.

For all you locals, This weekend is Shopping Sunday in Ansbach, the Brücken Center and stores in the Altstadt will be open from 1-6pm and a kids lantern parade at 5:30pm.

I also plan to hit the trödelmarkt in Windsbach on Sunday if the weather permits.

Have a great weekend!



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