More Reveals, Client Entry and Kitchen

DSC05903 DSC05997More reveals of the project I just finished. You didn’t think we could get through the whole house without any color did you? Well this space welcomes you with just enough.

I don’t know if this is true for all the homes but most of the German homes I have visited have large gracious entry halls. This home is no exception with a good-sized entry vestibule opening into a huge entry hall. When I first visited the house the hallway looked as it does below, with creamed colored chairs that were small and blended into the wall. Since these chairs worked better for the living room space we switched them out for the Ikea STORSELE which have more contrast with their black finish , plus the chairs higher back fill more space.  The cute STOCKHOLM table brings in a bit of color paired with black and white curtains that bring the eye up. I also made custom lumbar pillows to add a bit of green.

photo 4In the entry vestibule you might see a familiar sight, you may remember this little blue piece from one of my Found it at the Market posts. Paired with a collection of thrift store plates and of course a little green. I love a plant to fill in an empty space. Cheap and easy and if it doesn’t make it, just buy another. I have learned over time which one I kill and which ones will make it so they have become my best friends.

DSC05994This large entry hall actually leads into another smaller hall “The Wine Room” where Oz built a wine shelf out of an old pallet. It is great to have a handy husband!

DSC05998The last room we worked on downstairs was the kitchen. Not much you can do with a rental kitchen but add a bit of color. Using a straight valence I made from a Premier Prints fabric and a light weight roman shade I was able to soften the hard lines of the kitchen and bring in a little color at the same time.DSC06016

DSC06002Come by tomorrow for the guest room reveal. I think all the color may have flown up the stairs!

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