Halloween Fun – Mail Order Bride and Mail Man

Mail order bride costumeHappy Halloween +1

I normally don’t post on Saturday but I love Halloween and since I went totally overboard on the costume I thought I should share. I love doing costumes and last year was total chaos so I did not do a costume at all, that means this one was two years in the making, well at least two years in the imagination…

I knew I wanted to be a Mail Order Bride and I knew I wanted to make my dress out of mailer envelopes but beyond that I was not sure what the dress looked like, but fate intervened. My birthday is also in October so when my sister sent me this package of goodies for my birthday it I knew exactly what I was going to do, 50’s bride in full effect!

photoThe process started with about 35 mailer envelopes a whole lot of cutting and sewing to make fabric for the dress.

Mail Order Bride CostumeThen using only a small amount of fabric for the facing and a few breathable panels (to make the waterproof dress wearable) I sewed the dress using the pattern instructions just as you would out of any other fabric.

Mail Order Bride Costume

A few 50’s style accessories and viola!

Mail order bride costume

???????????????????????????????Oh yes and don’t forget the always cooperative, and handsome Mail Man. I think he is trying to stuff me i the mailbox in this shot.


Hope you guys had as much Halloween fun as we did!

Now what shall I be next year?



  1. You look amazing, and are so clever making that. Thanks for your email, I’m really busy this weekend, but will reply over the next couple of days x

    • Thanks Emma, No hurry. This week has been crazy here too, I get a little crazy at Halloween and this time of year just seems to always be busy on top of my strange addiction. I am hoping for a bit of a break before the next holiday. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Amy says:

    AMAZING!! Stealing!!

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