Found it at the Market 2 -October 2014

market copySunday’s are market days and my husband and I had about 2 hours between places we had to be so we thought we could squeeze in a market we knew of close by. In some of the towns that don’t have regularly scheduled markets the occasional markets are small, maybe in a grocery store parking lot with maybe 30 or 40 venders.  We figure an hour or so would be plenty of time for a quick walk through. When we arrived we found our little market was actually taking place throughout the Altstadt (old town.) Street after street and we only had an hour and a half to shop, Arrrhhh. A pleasant surprise but we had to work fast, here are some of our finds…

  1. A collection of about 200 European stamps 8€ ($11) I would love to use them to make something like THIS
  2.  A 4″ pewter bird  4€ ($5.50) has a little hangar on the back for hanging
  3.  A huge Paint by Number 10€ ($14) not as common here in Germany as in the U.S. so I was glad to score one.
  4.  WWII wedding portrait 16″x12″ 8€ ($11) for Chuck’s soldier collection.
  5. Frederick Francis IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin framed  lithograph 23″x30″ 20€ ($28) also for Chuck’s soldier collection.
  6. And as always we scored a few pieces of West German ceramics, From Left to right: 25cm 3€ ($4.20), 18 cm 2€ ($2.80), 18cm 1€ ($1.40),11cm 2€ ($2.80)

And of course my handsome porter.



  1. Oooh, the stamp art looks great! Can’t wait to see your version. I really think you are wearing me down on the fat lava front, because the little guy on the right looks cute!
    Also – is that Merkendorf?!

    • Ahhh the beauty of the West German pottery, there is something for everyone. Beware once you fall under the spell you cannot escape 🙂 Yes that is Merkendorf, was a great market and totally an accident on our part.

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