Staring at the Ceiling

painted ceilingPhoto via Helen Thompson In House

Hello All,

Have you missed me? Did you even notice I was gone. Well I missed you either way!

The last week I have been down in out with one of the worst colds I have had in a while. This seems to happen when I have a million things to do and it is the absolute worst time to be sick. However,  sometimes it is nice to have a good excuse to take a break, get some rest and just do nothing. Would have been nicer to call in “well” but you know that rarely happens. Today I am back to about 90% so I figured I better get back to work before you forget about me all together.

In between the hours in bed “resting” I was able to find the strength do a little pinning with my poor weak fingers.

I was first  drawn by the photo above and was compelled to do some hunting. Maybe it was all my time staring up at the ceiling that got me wishing mine had a splash of color. I think this concept would be great in my bathroom, especially since here in Germany most bathrooms are tiled all the way up to the ceiling. This leaves only one thing left to paint.

You could go bold…

painted ceilingPhoto by Florian Braun via Fashion Communications

or subtle…

painted ceilingPhoto via SISSY+MARLEY

painted ceilingPhoto via BHG

Or somewhere in between…

painted ceilingPhoto via Guehne-Made

painted ceilingPhoto via Apartment Therapy

What do you think? Too much or Just right?

I think these painted ceiling were a great way to add color and contrast to these otherwise stark rooms.



  1. Great idea. I’ve been wondering about my bathroom for a few weeks now. It’s tiled white(-ish) all the way up to the ceiling, which means it’s actually quite bright for such a tiny room with such a tiny window. I usually enjoy it, but it DOES look cold and stark, especially in the winter. Last week I bought a red shower curtain, which warms the room up a lot, and red bath mats, which sadly look horribly clashy on the weird blue floor. I had to take the mats back, but I think painting the ceiling in a nice pink/rosy colour will be pretty. And as it’s such a small room, painting the ceiling will probably take no longer than an hour, including prep!

    • You should got for it, and if you do I would love to see the results! or interesting tile colors white mats are probably best on the floor. Interesting you should bring up blue tile. When I was hunting photos I found this article on Young House Love, They complimented their weird blue tile with a lighter blue on the ceiling and it looks so cute.

      • Yes, I already noticed the floor only plays well with white or black mats. It’s not tile though, it’s a supercheap blue-marbled vinyl. When I looked at the flat before renting it, it had no floors and the landlady said she was renovating it – I seriously thought there would be the standard tile floor, but instead I got superlame vinyl 🙁

        • Yuck, das ist nicht gut. I guess all you can do is ignore it and move on. I actually had some blue “marble” vinyl in one of my previous houses. They actually ran it all the way up the wall, looked like a German bathroom only in hideous vinyl. Needless to say that bathroom got gutted.

  2. Alice says:

    I love ’em! Especially the pink and forest green. Do you think color on the ceiling would work well in rooms with lower ceilings? I have 8 foot ceilings in most of the house. In imaging color on them, I think a saturated color would feel like it was looming a few feet above my head, but I hope I am wrong.

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