I have seen the new Ikea STOCKSUND sofa all over the blogs and I have to say this pink color is amazing. Although they are not showing this color as an option at the stores yet, the neutral options are cuties as well. Great design at a great cost are always good when your on a budget. So three cheers for IKEA, again.

But wait, yesterday I went to my mailbox to find my Ikea Family flyer waiting for me. When I opened it up look what I found. The Ikea EKENÄSET. What, how great is this? I love this guy and although I am not seeing it on the U.S site yet here in Germany it is running 399€ (which at today’s exchange rate is only about $500.)

Ikea EKENÄSETFinally someone is making an affordable sofa for the mid-century modern crowd! Thank you Ikea!


  1. I love the Stocksund – I saw it quite some time ago in the IKEA press materials, and it is SO beautiful! I am 80 % certain I am going to buy it – I’ve been looking for a sofa for quite some time now. Unless it’s hideously uncomfortable, this beauty is going home with me! Actually I find most IKEA sofas not very comfortable, except the Tidafors. Friends of mine own it, and it’s great as long as you sit in it (because then you don’t see it!). But I really want a sofa that’s both comfy and pretty, and I hope the Stocksund delivers on comfyness as well! 😀

    • Heading to Ikea tomorrow Alexandra, I will try it out for you if they have one in stock.

    • Tara R. says:

      We bought the Stocksund about two weeks ago. It is very comfy and is breaking in very nicely. We’ve had guests over a couple of times and no one believes us that it is from Ikea! Hope this helps!!

      • Great information Tara, So jealous you got to bring this cutie home.

      • That’s good to know, Tara! I’ve waited (and searched) so long for a sofa that looks good to me, is comfy AND affordable and never found anything. Probably I was just waiting for the Stocksund to happen 🙂

        • Alexandra I went and had a sit yesterday and I have to say I agree with Tara, quite comfy!

          • Yay! I’d say all signs point to Stocksund! I enjoy getting your info on this. 🙂

          • Iwona says:

            Did they have the red/pink one in stock?

          • Yes Iwona, I went last week and they did have the red/pink in stock here in Germany. It is a nice color too, kind of a faded red that goes nicely with the shape of the sofa.

          • Iwona says:

            Thank you… Hopefully they’ll have it in the US soon. I’ve had my eye on it for some time 🙂

  2. olivier says:

    it’S not available in Canada. it’s not even advertised. Most Ikea sofa models are garbage except exactly 4 of them. But this one is thr kind I’d want to try.

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