Time for a Change – Coral Master Bedroom


Something strange is going on with the paint in my master bedroom

You can see it slightly in the picture above. Along the corner of the wall the paint seen to be separating creating dark and light patches. This was one of the first rooms I painted and I used a pre-mixed color from a German hardware store which is now gone out of business (maybe it was their sub-par paint) so there is no buying more to touch up. I’m sure what went wrong ??? It could have been me, but since I painted the whole house and no other room is having this problem I have to think it was the paint.  All that being said, I think I need a new paint job. Maye grey and coral is the way to go…

coral bedroom 1Photo Via DecorPad design by Meredith Heron Design

You didn’t think I was gonna repaint the room the same color did you? Well that would just be silly!

Thinking about paint also got me thinking about bedding and giving my room a little update. Obviously the major pieces like the rug and furniture will stay but the bedding and curtains are an easy change for a quick update.  So the black and white will stay but I feel like changing out the gold for coral would be simple.  Look I already have the black and white bedding in these photos.

gray-walls-trellis-linens-cg Photo via Centsational Girl

Do you see where I am going with this? Switch a few things out here and there and I have a whole new look.

grasscloth and coral 2Photo via Sara M. Dorsey Designs

coral-navy-bedding-set-040814-b Photo via Decor 2 Ur Door

3764c3869598525e00c4c8044caa146e-1383855171Photo via Echelon Custom Homes

I think that rug look a bit familiar too!

I am still in the planning stages on this one but definitely feeling inspired.

Now if only I could fit one of those great upholstered headboards in my bedroom…


  1. Loving the gray and coral idea! sorry I haven’t been around here for a while… I really like your blog Maggie: it’s so cheerful and easy to read and navigate, and your posts are great! Ok, off to see your comments in our BYW Homework!

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