Found it at the Market – Bamberg Part 2

As promised, today I have photos of all the great loot we Found at the Market this weekend. There were hundreds of things I wanted to buy but these are the few we came home with.Market Oct. 2014My husband has decided on a new collection of portraits and being a military man he particularly likes the portraits of soldiers so a few were added to the wall. The large photo (18″x24″) is a memorial of a 21 year soldier old who died at Verdun in 1916, we paid 25€ ($35). We also bought a pen and ink drawing of a business man who appears to be from the 50’s for 10€($14)and a WWII photo of  a soldier from the German Luftwaffe (air force,)  also 10€($14.)  These will find a new home on the gallery wall in the Man Cave.

Now you may remember this “Fat Badger” from another market post a while back, well up till now he has sat on the floor in the man cave. (You didn’t think I gonna have him in the living room did you?) Finally we found him a table to stand on. This little cutie was 50€ ($65) and will look cute elsewhere if the badger should ever come to an unfortunate end.  I better keep my mouth shut, you know the wife is always the prime suspect…

Let’s move on.

My stairway collection grew by two very good-sized (15″x20″) hand colored lithographs that were 5€ ($7) and 10€ ($14.) Great prices for two really beautiful pieces!

Market Oct. 2014

You know for me no market trip is complete without a West German Ceramics purchase and this weekend we hit the jackpot. All these beautiful pieces (plus a few more) cost less than 40€ ($55) Market Oct. 2014

Market Oct. 2014
Market Oct. 2014I’d say the weekend was a success and for only 175€ ($245) we went home with some pretty great junk!

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