Apartment Therapy Room for Color 2014

UntitledWell I have to say today did not start out the best. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a cold coming on, tired and groggy after a full nights sleep, ugh. I got the kids off to school, probably not my best work but they made the bus and I headed back to bed. A little extra sleep had me feeling revived but still I decided today was a “day of rest.” Let me clarify, a “day of rest” for me means no house work and lots of thrift stores. After six thrift stores and about 15 “Fat Lava” purchases later I was feeling a whole lot better. Things were looking up, I returned home to an e-mail informing me that my Master Bedroom submission for the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest was accepted. Pretty cool!

All in all the day that started off pretty yucky turned out pretty good, I think a “day of rest” may be in order more often.

If you want to vote for my submission please do so HERE and have a look at some of the other colorful submissions. Lots of color and inspiration.


  1. maureenrrichmond says:

    How exciting! I will hop over and vote. Feel better soon.

  2. Well done Maggie that’s great! Hope you are still feeling better.

  3. I’m glad your day got better! Of course I voted for you. I never (as in: when I looked at pictures of your bedroom before) noticed that pretty armchair – or is it a rocking chair? It’s lovely, did you upholster it yourself?

    • Alexandra, It is actually a rocker I got at an antique store for $25 just as it is now. I thought I would re-upholster it at some point but the color worked so great with my big “R” I decided to keep it for a while. That was 3 years ago…

  4. Favorited!

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