Beach Living Room and Dining Room

Beachy Elegance

Beachy Elegance by maggieoverbystudios

You may remember my recent post Ektorp Beachy where I shared some living room ideas for one of my clients. The theme is mostly monochromatic but has an elegant beachy style that is light and neutral with a few rustic accents. Using the Ikea Ektorp sofa and many pieces the client already owns the above mood board shows the direction we are headed (there will be photos soon.) With the living room mostly decided the next phase will be the dining room. This room is pretty much a blank canvas other than an industrial style buffet that the client already owns. We have already decided on a few things, hard work since the options here in Germany can be a little limited when looking for American style furniture.  Ikea to the rescue for most items but we are still deciding on the end chairs and lighting for this room. I think both of the options below will work but will result in very different feels, one casual, one elegant. I lean toward the casual because I love the texture but I always love to hear your options, what do you think?

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