Found it on Etsy – Gold

If you’re like me a glance at products on Esty can turn into hours. This week was no different, so many pretty things to see. In my browsing I couldn’t help but notice all the glittery gold and brass in just about every department. The more I looked the more gold I saw and it’s no surprise that the super stars on Etsy  are using gold in the most creative ways.  Gold, Gold, Gold, I just can’t get enough.  Even just a touch of gold  instantly adds warmth and elegance, so gild it up.



  1. I’ve seen those gold arrows in my etsy feed, they look great. But I would be scared what my 2.5 year old would do, if he got hold of them 😉

  2. Monica says:

    lovely finds! thank you for including our air plant pod!

  3. Great finds! Thanks so much!

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