Rain or Shine, Junking at the Nürnberger Trempelmarkt

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All summer I have waited for the Nürnberg “Trempelmarkt” which takes place only twice a year. For two days in May and September the Old Town or “Altstadt” of Nürnberg is home to a gigantic flea market. The Trempelmarkt is normally one of the largest flea markets in Germany, with almost 4,000 booths. Here they sell everything from clothing and toys to antiques and collectables.

This past Friday, the first day of the market, was nothing but rain all day long. I had plans to go to the market on Saturday and it was not looking any better. I was bummed thinking there was just not going to be much turn out. Saturday morning came and the rain let up a bit so my husband and I decided to head to Nürnberg. As soon as we arrived the rain started coming down. We were still not sure there would be a market  but the “Altstadt” is full of retail stores we could shop if nothing else was going on so we decided to brave the rain.

photo 1 - Copy (2)With umbrellas in hand, we walked to the center of the “Altstadt” and I was amazed to see the number of vender who were braving the weather. Some came prepared with tents or umbrellas and plastic sheeting while others with more weather proof wears were just letting it rain.

photo 2 - CopyWe endured the rain for a while as well and then after two days of non stop rain the sun came out. The crowds got thicker and there was junking to be done.

photo 1 - CopyAll this hard work paid off because I scored this amazing W. German Fat Lava vase that my sweet husband was kind enough to carry it all over Nürnberg.

photo 3Great junk is not the only things you will find at the market. Along with the Trempelmarkt you will also find the usual weekend farmers market vendors selling flower and vegetable along with all sorts of booths selling breads, olives, meats and cheeses.

photo 2 If you are local or planning a visit and missed the market this go round be sure to plan to visit the next market which will take place May 11th and 12, 2015. There is no excuse not to check it out because now you know, there will be junking at the Nürnberger “Trempelmarkt” no matter what the weather.

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  1. Annamarie H says:

    I was curious if you were going to Nurenburg last weekend. Happy you had a good time. Should we except a post full of photos of what you purchased? Love the vase by the way!

    • Sorry no post since the vase was all I bought this time. The had a lot of great things but nothing I could not live without but I still love to look whether I buy or not.

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