Return of Rattan

return of rattanPhoto via Apartment Therapy

From the Victorian style rattan of the early 20th-century to the to the Tropical Deco styles of the 1930’s -1950’s and then it’s resurgence in the 1970’s we have seen rattan furniture go in and out of style. Well guess what guys, today rattan furniture is definitely “In.”  Not the room full of rattan from past but instead the addition of one or two well placed pieces that really add impact. I love these rattan pieces because they are open and airy so they don’t feel heavy or weighed down, plus they add a texture you just can’t find in wood or upholstery. Whether it’s natural or painted  I have seen some amazing rooms featuring rattan. Here are a few affordable pieces that will help you add rattan into your decor in a new modern way.

Return of Rattan



Or if  you up to it and want a real bargain, get out there and find some of those pieces from an “In” past and feature them in a modern way.

return of rattanPhoto via Apartment Therapy

return of rattanPhoto via Lonny

return of rattan Photo via Deja Vu

return of rattanPhoto via Nate Berkus

return of rattanPhoto via Country Living


  1. I’ve always wanted a vintage hanging rattan chair, I love them, I’m not sure how I feel about other rattan pieces, although some are lovely.

  2. I see my old friend, the Franco Albini ottoman! And this time he brought his friend, the chair. I’ve asked my mother for her old rattan rocking chair, she’s had it ever since I can remember. I think it will bring some great texture to my living room 🙂

    • Yes Alexandra I thought of you when I saw that photo. Love that texture and it’s even better if it’s free.

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