Circle Chairs get an Update

circle chair

On Monday my kids went back to school, Momma’s day to celebrate! This week all those kid free hours  have spiked my enthusiasm to get things done. I feel like I have gotten more done in the last three days than I have all summer. Those little projects that seemed so big just last week are finally getting done.

You may remember back in May I found these amazing chairs at the trödelmarkt. They were miss matched and one was missing the back rest but I still loved them and for 50€ ($70) I could not resist. They appear to be Yngve Ekstrom Circle Chairs or something similar. Either way I think they were a good deal plus I saw a similar pair on 1stdibs for $1,350 (that’s just crazy business.)

circle chairI took them home and found them a place of honor in my entry hall. I even removed the back rest so they would be a better match, but that is as far I got. There they sat mismatched for 3 months.
circle chair 2This week they finally got the respect they deserve. A scrub with a magic eraser got them surprisingly clean. Those scuffs I thought were scratches in the paint came right off.

circle chairNext was a fresh new cover for the seats. I used a grey slub linen I found at Ikea to match the existing rug and hopefully work with this amazing Robert Allen Neo Toile Coral fabric I found thanks to a great post by Emily A. Clark.236518_d_1My thought is to use it in this area across from the chairs. It has two grey ottomans that I would love to slipcover in this fabric to bring in some color. This means maybe a small lumbar pillow for the chairs as well.

circle chair
The fabric is on order so we will see what it looks like once it arrives. I love it so it I will make it work somewhere even if it does not work here.

circle chair Now for another day of the kids at school, what can I get done today?

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