Easy DIY Terrarium – Update

DSC03697I receive a lot of questions about my Easy DIY Terrarium post so I thought today I would give you an update on how it’s going in there.

I wrote the original post back on April 30th so it has been exactly four months since I planted the terrarium you see above. I have not watered it (not even one time), I have not interfered with its growing habits in any way, I may remove the lid and wipe off the inside of the glass with a paper towel if it looks dirty but I do this very rarely, maybe once a month. Below is a picture of the terrarium today.


It is growing like wild! I keep it on my kitchen island out of direct sunlight and it seems very happy.

In case you were wondering that is Ozzie my assistant in the background, he likes to tear off leaves occasionally to see if my plants are getting the proper hydration they need.

terrariumHere is the overhead view of the day I planted the terrarium and today, may be time to give the plants a little trim. It’s a jungle in there!

There is my little dog, lost in the jungle. Look to the left, even the moss is growing like grass.

terrariumSo if you have a black thumb here is proof that complete neglect can have amazing results.

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