Hopper and Space – Mid Century Restored in the UK

UntitledThis weekend while scouring Instagram I ran across these two guys, Joe and Ben. These two admitted architecture and design geeks also happen to be the founders of HopperandSpace.com.

They lured me in with photo like these. Mid century furniture and West German ceramics, show me more!

A few more clicks and I was at the Hopper and Space home page jamming to some groovy tunes (check your volume before you click) and feasting my eyes on some beautiful sights. Hopper and Space is a London-based webshop where Joe and Ben sell re-upholstered and restored pieces from 1950’s right through to the 1980’s. You may think you know what that looks like but one glance at the website and you know you have found something different.Hopper and Space UKHopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK
Ben and Joe like the idea of reviving quality, well constructed furniture and offering people the chance to own a piece of design history. “Our furniture collection invites you to invest in functional objects of beauty for your space. Bright colours, stylish lines and sturdy timeless design is what we are all about. Our upholstered pieces offer a unique opportunity to snap up a unique piece that is designed to last; something to use, cherish and become part of your history.”
Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK

So often I find the mid-century crowd takes themselves a little too seriously. “That fabric is not historically accurate.” A piece of 1950’s of furniture in 2014 is not historically accurate either but we still love it. At Hopper and Space their use of bright colors and nontraditional fabrics are helping us remember what design in all about. It is supposed to express our individuality, it is supposed to be fun. A piece of history with a modern flare.Hopper and Space UK Hopper and Space UK175986_480358731985832_867636665_oAt Hopper and Space it is all fun, I just wish I lived a little closer so I could see all this fun in person. For now I will just live vicariously through Instagram, checking out their freshest finds on Facebook, and keeping up with Ben and Joe ‘s design style on their blog. However you choose your inspiration be sure to check them out, I think you will really enjoy what you see. Maybe one of these days I can swing by London for a look. Hopper and Space UK


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