Ektorp Beachy

I’m working with a client on a new project that will use the Ikea Ektorp sofa. This budget friendly sofa is very versatile and comes slip covered in eleven different fabrics so the options are endless. Unfortunately with endless options the decisions gets endlessly harder. In an effort to make the decision a little easier I usually take some of the options and put them together in a mood board. The client has a clean beach style so we are headed in a light, neutral direction with rustic accents. In the options we have looked at so far option number one is in the lead with a touch of elegance.  I love color so for my home it would probably be option number three. What about you, do you have a favorite?

Ektorp Beachy



  1. I like the look of option 2 the best – maybe I would exchange the pillows and curtains for something with a bit more colour. And I know that for me those black chairs are uncomfortable, probably because I am so short … but I adore the look of them.


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