Found it at the Market – Summer 2014

Summer has been so busy and we have done so much traveling that it seems I have barely had time for my favorite activity, going to the Trödelmarkts. Now that we are back home and getting back to our normal schedules that means back to the Trödelmarkt.  These last few weekends have not been disappointing. I found some great things and amazing deals. Here is a look at some of my haul.

  1. This amazing pendant light I found at my local thrift store for just 3€ ($4.20) Would love to rewire it with some Color Cord but I will have to do some deconstruction to see if it is doable.
  2. My West German Fat Lava ceramics collection got lots of new additions this week. This 12″ vase is one of my all time favorite Fat Lava finds for only  5€ ($7)
  3. Drawer pulls are quite expensive here in Germany so when I found this great set Vintage drawer pulls for 8€ ($11.20) they has to come home with me.
  4. This German Pottery is not technically Fat Lava but I loved the glaze for 5€ ($7)
  5. More antlers for the “Man Cave” 4€ ($5.6)
  6. Panoramic silhouette to add to my stairway collection 5€ ($7)
  7. Small 6″ West German Fat Lava vase I just could not pass up for 1.5o€ ($2)
  8. These amazing Planters of succulents were only 3€ ($4.20) and 1.5o€ ($2)
  9. This Pencil drawing dated 1929 will go great in the “Man Cave” for 4€ ($5.6)


  1. Great finds, Maggie! The pendant light is amazing! 😀

  2. What great finds, there is quite a good little market on a Sunday in Brighton, but you have to get there early to get the good stuff!

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