Navy and Orange in Home Decor

Nate Berkus El ConventoI have been fabric hunting lately and every time I have logged into my favorite online fabric source El Convento by Nate Burkus has popped up on the home page. This fabric would not work in any room in my house but I am completely drawn to it. I’ve had a crush on orange for a while now but seeing it in contrast with the navy makes it even more striking. This is no surprise since blue and orange are complementary color on the color wheel. That means they are opposites so when they come together they bring out the best in each other, making the blues seam bluer and the oranges brighter. This got me thinking what products I would use to make this color combo work. Here are a few budget friendly options I found. What do you think of navy and orange together? Navy and Orange 2



  1. I tend to lean towards quite neutral colours, grey and pastels, but I have to say, I really love this colour combination and your finds.

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