Shopping for the Home in Amsterdam

???????????????????????????????In between the sightseeing and miles and encounteredmiles of walking I  was able to do a little shopping in Amsterdam.  All thru the city are amazing home stores of all different styles. I only had a chance to visit a few but there are so many more to be seen. I was overjoyed by all the options and would love to return on a shopping ONLY visit. If you get the opportunity to visit here are a few of my favorites.

Raw Materials
Rozengracht 229
Th perfect place to find unusual furniture, interior accessories and decorations. There is a story behind each product. All products in this store are unpolished, weathered, used, recycled, made from natural materials or simply old. raw materials 1

de Weldaad
Noordermarkt 35-36
Reestraat 1
With two shops in the historic center of Amsterdam you are sure to find something you can’t live without. This shop has a unique ambiance and amazing selection of furniture and interior decorations form around the world. The owner loves the hunt and finds household effects everywhere from demolition firms to antique markets.

Kitsch Kitchen
Rozengracht 8
For a southern girl this store is like visiting Mexico. Home accessories in every color, bolts of oilcloth, tons of kitschy items and party decor including piñatas. This store is just plan fun.

Van Woustraat 4
Rozengracht 204-210
One of my favorites. This store started as a pop-up and has expanded to two locations. Hutspot searchs for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs and gives them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shops. Open to new approaches, Hutspot is always on the lookout for unique products that are created with care. Full of beautifully crafted home decor , clothing, accessories, and tons of mid-century furniture this store is a must see. Everything in the shops is for sale even the seating and tables in the coffee shop inside the store.

Hustpot 3Hustpot 2 Hustpot 1
Dille & Kamille
Nieuwendijk 16
This is a chain store with 20+ locations thought Belgium and the Netherlands but it is still a must see. A beautiful store full of lovely displays of functional products, your everyday basics including gadgets for home, garden and kitchen.  From tools to tea each item is simple but beautiful and preferably made from natural materials. Dille & Kamille is also known for living in harmony with the environment, everything they do is with respect and care for nature.

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