Amsterdam Green Glossy Doors

Amsterdam Glossy doors

Years ago I remember running across a paint swatch labeled “Amsterdam Green.” I figured it was just a made up name but after my visit to Amsterdam I realized that “Amsterdam Green” is very real. It is a green that is almost black and is used on almost every entry door in the city. The preferred paint jobs looks like lacquer, the glossier the better.

Amsterdam Glossy doors


On occasion you may run across an “Amsterdam” red, blue, or even and eggplant but green is definitely the favorite and glossy is a rule!


  1. maureenrrichmond says:

    I love the transoms over the doors, especially the round ones.

    • There were so many beautiful entries I just could not photograph them all. By far one of the prettiest place I’ve been.

  2. The doors are amazing, I did a post on doors and bikes, so many lovely things to photograph!

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