A Quiet Style on Instagram

A Quiet Style I am drawn to Instagram  because of its visual nature and while I love taking pictures of the things I am working on, am inspired by, or just plain amused by I often feel my Instagram feed doesn’t have a consistent flow.  A little of this and a little of that has me all over the place…

Where I fail, other Instagramers like UK blogger Emma Harris of A Quiet Style seem to have found the key. Although Emma is a design and lifestyle blogger her Instagram feed consists, almost entirely, of a beautiful array of carefully composed floral still lifes. Together her images create a concise gallery that seem to perfectly represent her “quiet style.” Have a look…

A Quiet Style A Quiet StyleEmma says this theme “has happened quite naturally” which proves that her feed is a natural extension of her style and ideas.

A Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleA Quiet StyleIf you want to see more of these beautiful images or be a part of Emma’s daily bloom follow her on Instagram and for even more of her quiet style follow her blog as well.


  1. Hi Maggie. Thank you so much for sharing my photos, I’m so pleased you like them, so interesting to see the ones you picked. I hope you are enjoying Amsterdam. Emma x

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