What’s New Mid Year – 2014

Can you believe the year is half over? It seems like just yesterday I posted my New Years resolution/ To Do list and already I am late for my mid year up date. Time flies, before you know it I’ll be making next years list.

My only real resolution  for the year was to eat healthier and exercise regularly  when I posted this I had just returned from eating my way across the U.S. Gulf Coast and had gained a few pounds so it was a must.  I have to say I have done a pretty good job on this one. I have added a 5 mile run/walk into my routine at least 5 days a week trying to add little more running each day. I am up to 3 miles of running and 2 miles of walking which I will follow by saying I am not a runner and never have been. I have done better on my eating but to be honest I love food, and since I  just returned from another trip home you know I could not resist all my New Orleans favorites. I did keep up exercise routine while traveling so I would not feel too guilty, so I am proud of that.

Okay  the rest of the list were things I wanted to accomplish, most of these have to do with the house…

1. Take down all those Christmas Decorations-√

2. Fix all blog posts that have photo link errors √  I think I have remedied all of these but every now and then I run across one that is not quite right. If you see any posts with errors feel free to let me know.

3. Work on the decor in my upstairs hallway

4. Create some interest on the stairwell wall

These two kind of go together you can see the before photo here with the after photos below. I am pleased with the results but the art collection is a work in progress that has lots of room to grow. You can read more about the process HERE and HERE


5. Clean out the garage √ The job is not complete but great progress has been made in the garage. I even started organizing my tools on a peg board, only problem is I really need a large 4×8 sheet like I had in my old shop. Oh well, I will have to make do for now and finish sorting my tools. (and yes that piece of furniture you see there is a new addition to “the list”)


6. Organize sewing room drawers and cabinets  Haven’t even started this one and my recent trip to the U.S. means even more supplies to organize.

7. Finish The Man Cave √  This one had a whole list of sub categories and they are all complete check them out!

Man cave

  • Reorganize wall lockers  HERE
  • Finish curtains to camouflage wall lockers HERE
  • Find coffee table HERE
  • Find a console for a TV HERE
  • Make pillows HERE
  • Re-upholster swivel chair for desk HERE
  • Hang artwork HERE

8. Make slip covers for parson chairs in living room – The chairs I mentioned were the chairs on the left but since this post I purchased two antiques slipper chairs that I want to use in their place. They still need to be either upholstered or slip covered but the good news is I have already found fabric for them.  I would say this task will be on the list of complete very soon!

9. Slip cover Sofa– This one is still on the list and since deciding on a fabric for the chairs above I am one step closer to deciding on the fabric  for the sofa. I am still loving the sofa below.

floral-curtains-bhgPhoto via BHG

IMG_045310. Update bed in master bedroom– Would love to upholster this bed, so far only a thought but these unfinished projects give me a lot to think about until the New Year…

Of course this list only includes the things I was thinking about as we came into the new year. Now that some of them are complete I have a whole new list running in my head but I will say scratching things off “the list” is one of my absolute favorite things so hopefully posting this little reminder of all the things I wanted to do will put me a little closer to getting them done.

What is on your To Do list?



  1. You have been busy! I love the man cave, it looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Maggie, I just saw you on ikea http://www.ikeafamilylivemagazine.com/de/de/article/38768?icid=de|itl|fy14cw31-endfy14|ikea_family_inspiration|teaser|kw32|50. How cool is that?! I recognized your face immediately and it’s really great seeing you at such a huge platform as Ikea. I think, you’ve achieved quite some great stuff, and I really admire your sewing skills. I have taken the challenge to sew slipcovers as well or something similar to that and will reveal it soon on my blog. I’m pretty happy how they turned out to be 🙂 Keep up the good work! take care! Mari

    • Thanks Mari, I was very excited to have Ikea feature my house wish it were on the American site too so I could actually read it 🙂 I noticed Your Premier Prints on you blog can’t wait to see the final results. Better get to work on mine soon.

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