Buy New Orleans Souvenirs Like a Local

I have finally returned home from my 3 weeks in New Orleans and although I was sad to go it is also great to be home. Since much of my time there was spent shopping I figured what better way to end my New Orleans posts than a quick “must have” list of New Orleans souvenirs. I am not talking about Mardi Gras beads or T-shirts made in China but the good stuff that real New Orleanians buy, souvenirs like a local. Many of these items I own myself or have gifted to others as great reminders of home.

NOLA Souvenirs

  1. Mignon Faget Crown Tumblers $40 – Local Jewelry Designer Mignon Faget has a home collection which offers a beautiful array of glassware and utensils inspired by New Orleans.
  2. “Be a New Orleanian wherever you are” T-shirt $12 – In the past years, several great T-shirt printers have come to New Orleans staples, with t-shirts that are locally designed and printed. Many of the logos require you to be a New Orleans native to understand but just as many require only that you have come to know and love some great part of the city.  The one shown is from Dirty Coast (one of my favorites) but Storyville and Fluerty Girl offer a great selection as well.
  3. Simon Sign prices vary–  Just about everyone in New Orleans has a sign painted by French artist Simon. Form welcome signs to fully custom quotes Simon will paint a vibrant sign that says exactly what you need to say. Mine says “If Momma ain’t happy then nobody’s happy.” Even if you don’t purchase a sign his store is worth a visit.
  4. Tabasco Hot Sauce available in any grocery store for about $2- Tabasco is a local favorite that is added to just about everything and if you are up for a day trip you can even visit Avery Island for a factory tour.
  5. Community Coffee $6.50 – Another local favorite that has been around for almost 100 years is Community Coffee. It is the largest family owned retail coffee brand in the U.S and it has been dubbed the State Coffee of Louisiana™ not to mention it is a great tasting cup of coffee.
  6. Perlis Crawfish Leather Belt $65Perlis is a New Orleans clothing company that has been around since the 30’s but more recently developed a crawfish clothing collection featuring a variety of pieces including classic polos with a crawfish emblem.
  7. Mignon Faget Red Bean Bracelet  $65 – What says New Orleans better than red beans and rice? Check out the Louisiana collection by local jewelry designer Mignon Faget and you will find many wonderful pieces of  jewelry inspired by the region.
  8. New Orleans Sewage and Water board Door Mat $35 –  New Orleans has a very distinct water main cover that become as icon of New Orleans. Shops all over New Orleans are recreating this symbol in everything from jewelry to coaster and in this case a door mat.
  9. Voodoo Doll Magnet $3.50 – Okay so this one you might find in French Quarter T-shirt shop but these little dolls are so fun and colorful everyone should have one and who knows when a little VooDoo might be required. This is actually the souvenir my kids picked this trip.
  10. Good Night NOLA $12 – Another great gift for the kids is this cute little book that is a lovable tribute to things unique to New Orleans
  11. Scriptura Stationary $18.50 – Scriptura is a beautiful store fashioned after European papeteries that produces a wonderful line of New Orleans themed invitations, stationary, and cards.
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