Tassology -New Orleans

Tassology - New OrleansIf you commute along Business 90 through New Orleans you may have seen these guys perched along a roof top below. If you have ever wondered just what was going on in that building I have some news for you. The four bunnies (well actually sculptures of men dressed as bunnies) peer over New Orleans from the roof top of the Tassology, a beautiful little coffee shop in central city that is an absolute work of art.

Tassology  is owned by a couple who are both artists and while the coffee is excellent the café is as much an art gallery as it is a coffee shop. Fiber art sculptures hang from the ceiling and found objects are mosaic-ed onto every available surface. The end result is an interior that is absolutely amazing!

Tassology - New OrleansEverywhere you look there is something to see.  A collage of clocks..

Tassology - New OrleansSparkling fiber cornucopias…
Tassology - New OrleansEven the coffee bar is a work of art!
Tassology - New Orleans
Tassology - New OrleansTassolosgy is filled with cozy seating and beautiful displays.

Tassology - New OrleansSo if you are looking for a good cup of coffee or you just want to enjoy the view stop by Tassology and have a look. You can bring a friend or just have “Orange Cat,” the resident shop cat, keep you company.

Tassology - New Orleans


  1. Wow, that is quite stunning, I love the rabbit men on the roof too!

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