French Quarter Balcony Gardens

DSC04914 I hope you guys are not getting tired of all my New Orleans posts. I am in the final week of my visit but still have so much to share. I am busy seeing family, eating good food, stocking up on supplies and trying to keep up my blogging. New Orleans is my home town and holds a special place in my heart ( and my stomach too, there is a lot of good eating going on here.) So I  wanted to share some of the things I love so much about my home.
French Quarter Balcony GardensOn the streets of the New Orleans French Quarter you will see lovely multi story balconies with cast iron railings but almost no area for landscaping. Vertical living does not mean you can’t have a beautiful garden. Here,  residents showcase their gardens all along the railings. Plants that can tolerate the heat thrive in the greenhouse like humidity of the New Orleans summer. The lush growth overflows and cascades down the railings making for a lovely view from the streets.
So if you happen to be in New Orleans and are willing to brave the heat yourself, be sure to take a walk and enjoy the view. French Quarter Balcony GardensFrench Quarter Balcony Gardens French Quarter Balcony Gardens


  1. I appreciate your New Orleans posts! I’m a NOLA native currently living in England for a few months, so any glimpse of home is comforting 🙂

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