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Time for travel, yet again. This time I am headed to the States for three weeks, probably our last visit for a while. Lots to do before we go but the biggest hurdle for me is always the packing. I don’t mind packing for the kids or helping my husband getting his stuff together it’s packing for myself that can bring on a full-blown panic attack. Okay maybe not that bad but my husband knows to steer clear once the suitcase comes out.

I open the closet door and I have absolutely nothing to wear! Surprisingly I am able to get dress everyday but apparently these outfits do not translate into a suitcase. I don’t have the right shoes or the right accessories.  And the What ifs… What if I have to go somewhere fancy? What if the weather changes? What if I need comfortable shoes? What if the comfortable shoes don’t match my outfit? Add in air travel requirements of bag size and weight ARRRH.  I know, I know, your exhausted just reading about it. Imagine how my husband feels. He waits until the morning of departure before he even ponders if he has clean underwear so I know he doesn’t get it.

Why this is such a problem? I guess the control freak in me needs to be prepared for all things and sometimes that is just not possible. So I am taking a deep breath and this go round I am trying my best not to stress out too much . I can shop when I get there, right?

If I ever get packed I will be headed across the sea on Monday and will catch up with you guys on the other side.

Wish me luck and if you have any bright ideas on the subject be sure to drop me a line.

Until then I will be grabbing my “travel musts” and hoping for the best…


  1. I feel your pain!!! I tend to (read….always) pack more than I will need. No carry on for me, thank you! Yes, I must be prepared for ALL occasions! Tell me, do you own and wear Tieks? I’ve debated: but they are so expensive. Worth it? It’s the shoes that get me every time. I’m about to go and try on Nike Free’s: really lightweight workout sneakers so not too much bulk! My husband is SO proud of his one light carry on: he starts a packing list a week ahead and sticks to it! For me, not possible. Well, good luck Maggie and have a wonderful time for the three weeks!!

    • Libby I do not own Teiks but I love all the colors they come in and they look quite comfy. My feet do not love flats I have only ever owned two pair that I could tolerate wearing. I would really like to try a pair of Teiks,if they are comfortable I will totally pay the price.

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