Decorate with Washi Tape

Decorate with Washi Tape
Seems like everyone is having a baby, which means baby showers galore. Guess who always gets elected as the decorating committee? Yes, that would be me and I admit I love it! This time I got elected about a week out so I had to work fast.  I have been so in love with Washi Tape (and buying way too much) lately so I figured this would be a perfect time to use my stash. If you are not familiar with Washi Tape it is basically printed masking tape. Easy to tear and easy to remove when your done.

Decorate with Washi TapeThe shower will be held outside under the trees so I decided to create bunting using baker’s twine and Washi tape flags which we could drape from the trees.  This simply involved folding  3″ strips of tape on toitself over the twine  every 2″ (or as close as you like) and then trimming the edge. I used different shape cuts for more variety.  Since the baby’s sex is unknown I used all the colors for a fun bright unisex theme. The plates, cups and napkins will also be mix and match.

Decorate with Washi Tape
The centerpieces also got a splash of Washi. Using recycled food jars I wrapped a few strips of tape all the way around to create a colorful vase.

Decorate with Washi Tape Not all the decor will be Washi tape so to help secure paper lanterns  to clothes lines hung between the trees I spruced up some clothespins with a single strip of Washi along the top sides.

Decorate with Washi TapeI have lots more decorations to get together but I wanted to share the progress and my Washi tape. It is so fun and so easy to use I keep thinking of more places to add it.

Check out the pictures from the baby shower!


  1. Lovely colours, I’m sure it will look lovely. I went into a large craft store here in Ireland (Dublin) and they never heard of washi tape… couldn’t believe it!

    • What? They are obviously not “In the know” They sell it everywhere in Germany. I actually bought most of the tape in this post at the grocery store, go figure.

  2. I love the bunting Maggie, it looks fab!

  3. Those little washi pennants are so stinking cute! What a clever idea to bring in some color and energy to the party. I recently bought some washi tape at Target and totally get why it’s so popular. Looking forward to more details.

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