Modern Twist on Cross Stitch Rugs

pointdecroix_rouge_okThis week while organizing my Pinterest boards (that’s right I’m really doing it) I ran across this photo I pinned months ago. I love this cross stitch designed rug and have searched for the origin of this photo and the source for the rug.  Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful. This is one of the drawback of Pinterest, things get pinned and reused so many times  it becomes hard to find the original source. So if anyone knows who took this photo or where to find this rug I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to know.

I didn’t find the rug I was looking for but what I did find in the process of searching is an amazing line of products designed by Belgium-based Charlotte Lancelot for Spanish brand Gan Rugs.

canevas-collection-2Look closely. Yes, this is actually a giant cross stitch design done on a felt base.

MP43033-3TRugs are not the only products that are being cross stitched in this collection, check out these great pillows and poufs.

canevas poufGetDynamicImage.aspxcanevas collectionA room full of cross stitch, so pretty, but I will have to admit a little out of my price range starting at $285 for the pillows and working their way up. What a great idea. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they sold the felt base for a DIY cross stitch rug,  then the options would be endless…

Photos via Gan Rugs


  1. Such a fun post. I am in love with this idea of a modern twist on cross stitch. The work by Charlotte Lancelot is fantastic. I am happy to share this great post with my followers!

  2. I absolutely love the first unsourced rug, it’s gorgeous! Hope you find the source!

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