Found It At the Market- Flower Frog Bowl

Peonies anchored with flower frogThis lovely arrangement started with a pretty unassuming bowl I found at the trödelmarkt for 4€ ($5.50). I was first drawn to it’s pretty shade of blue and retro shape but when I picked it up I realized it contained one of my favorite flower arranging tools, a pin frog.Peonies anchored with flower frog If you are not familiar with flower frogs you have missed out on one of the easiest ways to arrange flowers.  This useful cluster of metal needles allows you to place even a single flower stem in a vase or bowl, in exactly the position you desire. They also make it possible to arrange flowers shallow bowls or dishes that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider, like the one I found at the market.

I started with a half-dozen Peonies I got from the Blumen field around the corner from my house for.50€ a stem. Fairly thick stemmed flowers work best in pin frogs so the Peonies would be perfect.

I started by removing all the lower leaves and cutting the first stem about 6″ long.I  placed the first flower directly into the middle of the pins. The pins will sink into the bottom of the stem and allow the flower to stand straight up out of the bowl. The next few flowers I cut slightly shorter and clustered around the first flower using the same method. I continued this way cutting each flower a bit shorter and working all the way around the bowl

Once all the flowers are inserted into the frog and you are pleased with the look of the arrangement you can tuck in a few pieces of foliage. Finally, add water.

Peonies anchored with flower frogYou will be amazed at how quickly and easily you are able to arrange a lovely dramatic bouquet in just about any container.Peonies anchored with flower frogIf you would like to make your own flower frog arrangement, flower frogs are readily available in various sizes all across the internet. Simply attach the frog to your container temporarily using florist sticky clay or permanently using a waterproof adhesive and start arranging.

In about 15 minutes you’ll be enjoying the view!

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  1. Jill Debroeck says:

    I bought a whole collection of these in Atlanta last year. Not only are they great for arranging, they have a cool look just grouped together with no flowers. I love my frogs.

  2. Wow, that looks really awesome. How long the flowers will stand then?

    • In my experience the flowers will last as long as they would in a vase but you do have to add water more often since the bowl is shallow.

  3. What a great idea. I love the contrast of the peonies with the colour of the bowl, gorgeous!

  4. love this bowl! the peonies look perfect in it, such gorgeous photos!!!

  5. I never thought it was possible to keep Peonies in a very shallow bowl. I wish I knew where to find this bowl in Canada. Thanks for sharing!

    • If you can’t find a bowl with a frog attached you should be able to find the frogs online at a floral supply site or I often see them at antique stores. You can then epoxy them to your own bowl. Some are very heavy and may not need to be secured at all.

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