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Today I thought I would share something a little different some details about myself and fellow bloggers I have recently come to know.

I recently received an invitation from an amazing new blogger, Ananda at A Piece of Rainbow, to take part in sharing some insight on why I do what I do and how my process works. A Piece of Rainbow is beautiful blog by Ananda a landscape architectural designer and artist living in coastal southern California. She is inspired by the nature around her, and the creative people she encounters everyday. Her blog is dedicated to celebrating beauty and creativity in daily moments, and bringing unique art and fresh designs into our living environments. If you have a moment I highly recommend you stop by for a visit, Ananda has some great ideas to share.

I was asked to answer four questions about my motivations and work process.

1. What am I working on?

I am currently working on building and installing built-ins for a good friend that just moved to Germany. The lack of closets is always a big culture shock for Americans moving abroad so adding storage is key. I love doing these kinds of projects, creating something from nothing is always so satisfying. When I was still in the U.S. I always had a construction project going but since our move to a rental house I don’t have as much opportunity to build and I really miss it. I am so glad to be building again.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am completely in love with interior design and all thinks having to do with the home. While I can appreciate all different styles I particularly love vintage and color. I see now (especially living in Germany) a lot of Scandinavian design, bright whites and clean crisp spaces. I find these spaces beautiful but they are not for me. I am full of color, pattern and collections of beautiful things. I just following my mind’s eye and bringing together what I truly love to create spaces that are truly ME.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Because I absolutely love it! Creating a beautiful space is an instant gratification. The results ate something that I can truly enjoy day in and day out. These spaces can grow and evolve with time but also add joy to my life as I use them.
Growing up one of my favorite movies was Auntie Mame. The movie follows a boy’s life from youth to adulthood living with his eccentric Auntie Mame. They live in the same New York Apartment the entire movie but every few years we revisit the space seeing a totally new decor, floor to ceiling everything has changed. I always loved seeing how different the change made the space feel. I think that is what all design is about, creating a feeling.mame-1 mame-3Photos via Vickie Lester

4. How does your creative process work?

I am a jump right in type of person. I find my inspiration, a piece of furniture, rug or a great fabric and I am off and running. I love completing a project and seeing the results so I generally work fast with a grand plan in mind and change course as needed. Detours sometimes make for the best results. I am not a rule follower so I am pretty flexible about doing what ever it is that makes things work. In the end I go with my gut and love seeing it all come together.

Now enough about me….

Part two of this post is to share with you a few bloggers I think you will really enjoy. I recently took a blogging class called Blogging Your Way and met some really great people with some great ideas to share. A Quiet Style A Quiet Style

Written by Emma from Brighton, UK  A Quiet Style is just that, quiet place for style, a place for Emma to share her love of interiors, design, fashion, and crafts. Emma started this blog just a few months ago but I can already see its potential to be a lovely place to find her delicate brand of style.



Written by Liubou, which means Love in Russian her native tongue.  She has lived and worked in the Netherlands for the last 6 years and blogs about her admiration of design, architecture, lifestyle, and the enthusiasm of  the many local and expats living in the Netherlands.  Liubou most often shares Scandinavian influenced design but she also includes much of her personal style in each and every post.


Living by Lauren

Living by Lauren

Written by Lauren,  a wife and a mom to three young boys, with a loud and busy life. She blogs about her take on the world,  living in the moment, and finding beauty in the simplicity of life. Laurens blog is not specifically a design blog but she does share some lovely interior projects along with touching stories of her family and life.  A great read either way.

Hope you have a chance to visit these lovely blogs and see what amazing, talented people are out there on the web.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thank you so much Maggie for including my blog in your post, and your kind words. I loved reading your answers to the questions, thank you for sharing them, and I’m now off to check out the other 2 blogs you mention. Have a great weekend, Emma.

  2. thank you dear maggie for such a beautiful introduction! mine will be up tuesday! i really enjoy reading more about your creative work here! i feel the same way about renting vs love of building things, and so glad you have new projects going! xx

  3. Maggie, thank you so so much for mentioning me in your wonderful blog. It is really a great honour! I really love this idea of introduction and for sure will use it also on my blog. I am really happy that i have met you (for now only online) but still via BYW course:) Hugs, Liubou

  4. Great getting to know more about you!

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