BAKESHOP Breakfast in Prague

I hope you don’t mind this week if I continue to share some of the highlight of our trip to Prague. Today’s post is certainly a highlight because it’s about food, yummy food.


Normally when traveling within Germany I try to reserve hotels that offer a breakfast since they are full of fresh-baked bread cheeses and sliced meats but when traveling to the Czech Republic I wasn’t sure what to expect so I opted for a hotel with no breakfast.That meant on morning one we had to forage for food. As luck would have it we did not have to travel far. Just around the corner from our hotel were three bakeries but the one that caught my eye was the Bakeshop. When you walk in the door this is the view you are greeted with. No brain-er right?

That is Chuck on the left ordering his carrot cake with a big giant grin on his face. { I had a bite it was definitely grin worthy}

I ordered an apple and brie croissant, which was heavenly as were the cookie, cupcakes and coffees we ordered.

photo 3 (2)That’s right, we’re on vacation, cookies for breakfast!

The breakfast was so good that we visiting again for breakfast on day two.  This time an omelet was involved…

Let me warn you the Bakeshop is not limited to breakfast. They also have a beautiful choice of Quiche, salad,soup, and grilled meats great for any time of the day. Add reasonable prices and a staff of friendly, English speaking employees, you can’t go wrong.

So if you ever happen to be in Prague near the Old Town Square and find yourself looking for something yummy, take a short walk and satisfy your hunger.

And if you happen to be in town for a special occasion the Bakeshop does custom cakes and catering as well.

Until my next visit to Prague I will dream of nothing but Bakeshop

More information also available at the Bakeshop Facebook page

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