The Day the Home Magazines Arrive

Magazine Day

I know everyone who has a magazine subscription probably gets excited the day the magazine arrives. They are all online now but nothing beats the glossy pages of a fresh magazine. I have always kept a few subscriptions but now that we are in Germany they are my life line.
There are some nice German home magazines and I do look through them while at the news stand but I can’t read a word. I admit I am more of a skimmer than a reader, but occasionally I do like to know what is going on. The Post Exchange also carries a few magazines but they are odd magazines I’ve never heard of before. Gone are the days of spending the afternoon at Barnes and Nobles flipping though every home magazine available, so my subscriptions mean everything to me.
About the 15th of every month magazines start trickling in but every now and then the stars align. On these days I open PO Box full of home magazines. I currently have four home magazine subscriptions:
Elle Decor- Look at all the things I can’t afford
HGTV Magazine – Shows me how to make things I can afford look like things I can’t afford
Better Homes and Gardens- Adds a in little gardening and cooking
Country Living – For my vintage fix.
Yesterday I also received an offer for a House Beautiful at a discounted rate so I will soon be receiving one more. Before you know it I will have my very own Barnes and Nobles in my living room.
My all time favorite home magazine was Domino and although they have renewed their presence online they have not returned as a monthly magazine.
What about you, what magazines do you receive? Are there any must haves I should I add them to my list?


  1. maureenrrichmond says:

    Hi Maggie, Domino does have a print magazine, but I thinks it’s only published quarterly. I bought the first issue around the Christmas holiday season. Canadian shelter mags are some of my favorites: House & Home and Canada’s Styleathome. I do like get Veranda just to look at the beautiful photos. The houses are extremely high end and totally out of reach. Same with Traditional Home, but I love it anyway. Just picked up an issue of Cottage Journal that I really like. I know what you mean about mailbox bliss. It makes my day when I get one!

  2. I have one subscription, The Simple Things magazine, have you heard of it, it’s not just interiors, in fact now I think about it, it’s hard to describe! Their tag is eating, growing, living, escaping, well being. It’s about appreciating the simple things in life. I quite like it, but I might change to something different soon, there are some beautiful publications out in the UK now, and as you say, there is nothing quite the same as the printed versions.

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