A Chairy Situation

circle chairI think I have a problem. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that this past weekend at the trödelmarkt I found the most amazing pair of chair for only 50€($75.) I almost passed on these guys because I couldn’t think of a single place I had to put them.  I passed by one last time on our way out and saw them still there waiting for me. SOLD!

Aren’t they great?

circle chair“Wait, Wait” you say, “I have seen that spot and there was another pair of chairs there.”

DSC03987Guilty, I purchased these antique chairs at a thrift store for 70€ ($100) about two moths ago. You may remember my fabric struggle I shared here. Fortunately I have yet to order fabric for them so they are free to make the move into the living room to flank my desk (I’m thinking pink.)

Two pair of chairs is not a big deal some rearranging and everything works out perfectly. Did I tell you I already have a pair of chairs flanking my desk?

And of course there are these guys, got them for 30€ ($42) at the trödelmarkt.

One found a home in the “Man Cave” but the other is waiting for a home in the attic.

upholsteryThis pair I also got at the thrift shop, they were 60€($85) including the table.

IMG_20130904_151123_113They too found a home in the “Man Cave”

DSC01511 I also bought this loner at the thrift shop for 15€ ($21.)

StairsAnd this one for 20€ ($21.)


Is anyone keeping track here? (I hope my husband is not) That is 10 chairs I have purchased in the last year. If I am honest, I also bought a few Ikea chairs new for my desk and sewing room. I am working on a chair a month.

What is wrong with me?

Do they have a chair hoarder’s therapy group I can go to? Or maybe this is my therapy.

When I had my store back in the U.S.this was not a problem. I could buy chairs all I wanted refinish them to sell or use them for a while then pass them on. But now? I guess the attic will fill for the next two years while I rotate chairs in and out.

I just love buying chairs and when I can get 10 for only 255€ ($350) I say “Why not?”

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I the only one?



  1. I am so jealous of all your great finds! I need to buy a bigger house so I can get more furniture 😉

  2. I just got very nice, but completely dirty chair (even smelly), i want to rip off the fabric and do something with it. Shall we make a small project together:) International chairs collaboration!

  3. Annamarie H says:

    I thought I was the only chair hoarder! Good to know I’m not alone. Since moving to Germany I’ve been buying more rugs than chairs, easier to hide a rug from my husband than a chair 😉

    Great buys.

  4. Lisa in AL says:

    It’s because I’m not there to take any off your hands!! ; )

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