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Kurt Dollinger AntiquesWhen you move with the military you always know it’s temporary. This month one of my very good friends is moving back to the U.S. after being in Germany for 6 years, wow 6 years! Germany is a beautiful place and so many people I have met here love it so much and are staying as long as they possibly can. I don’t know if 6 years is for me but I do know that while I love being here inevitably it will be time to go. I am feeling the pressure to soak it all in. With only two weeks left my friend is feeling that pressure too, so what’s a girl to do? Shop!

In this effort to bring all the great things Germany has to offer back to the U.S. we headed to a store I had never been to before. Why she has kept this secret from me I do not know but now that it has finally been revealed Kurt Döllinger Antiques will be a regular destination (HERE in German.) The store consist of 6 show rooms of beautifully re-finished antique pine along with amazing custom-built reproduction furniture and all sorts of old and new decorative accessories and art.Kurt Dollinger AntiquesBut what really caught my attention was the huge barn outside filled with all variety of antique furniture and vintage everything. Kurt Dollinger AntiquesWhen I say everything I mean everything! Most of it organized into piles of like items

And then there’s the furniture… Rows and rows of beautiful furniture.Kurt Dollinger AntiquesThe hardest part of visiting Kurt Döllinger Antiques is deciding what to buy. The prices are very fair for the quality of the pieces and Kurt is super friendly and speaks English. If you are American they also accept a VAT forms for tax-free shopping. Biggest plus is the accept credit cards which is almost unheard of in Germany at these types of stores.  I have been twice in the last week and each time I have found something new, either it has just arrived or I didn’t see it before (so much to see).

This cutie is what my friend bought to back to the U.S. with her, fortunately I have two more years to shop.

Kurt Dollinger Antiques

Kurt Döllinger Antiques is a little off the beaten path out in Markt Erlbach but if your local and up for a drive, it is well worth it. If you are not local you are in luck because Kurt also sells online.

For more information on location and hours visit the Facebook page.




  1. maureenrrichmond says:

    So, did you buy anything?

    • Of course I did Maureen! I bought three lithographs for my collection for only 5 euro each. I would love to buy a piece of furniture as well but that is a bigger decision. Darn, I will have to make another trip 🙂

  2. Maggie, awesome! Thank you for the tip! Germany is very generous in this matter. It became difficult in Holland to find something similar and affordable. But , please come and visit Ij Hallen market.


  3. Hi Maggie – you inspired me to show one of my favourite places for junk and antique shopping – it’s in todays post on HansensGasse, and whenever you’re nearby Kassel I highly recommend a visit. I’m sure you’ll love it!


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