A Touch of Velvet

There is just something about velvet that is so luxurious, the soft sheen, the dept of color, but sometimes the price can be luxurious too. A bit too luxurious for a girl on a budget, but when I win the lottery I might just have to buy this guy!DSC_5050_

Until then I will just have to settle for something a tad more affordable. I have hunted and have found some pretty great “velvet” pieces (or at least velvet look) that just might work for the time being. Okay so none of these are fine silk velvet but no one needs to know that, right!  Mix these budget guys in with vintage pieces and great pillows and I think I’d have a winner, at least until I become a lottery winner that is!




  1. Fuchsia Nina Chair | World Market $299.99
  2. Martha Stewart Saybridge Sofa | Macy’s  $999
  3. Brompton Tufted Wingback Velvet Bed | Target $600-$749
  4. Modern Purple Velvet Chair | Overstock $601
  5.  Mushroom Velvet Kendall Sofa | World Market $699
  6. Pacific Blue Elliott Wingback Chair | World Market $319


  1. Oh I so want to have a velvet sofa! I’m a follower of Emily Henderson’s blog, and she likes blue velvet sofas. At first I didn’t even like it, but now I’ve come around and am totally in love with it! The shape and style of the sofa in your second picture is simply perfect!
    Like you I’m hoping to win the lottery, so I can by the sofa of my dreams – in a lovely deep dark blue, or maybe a rich emerald green. Sigh.

    • Oh yes, I have seen some lovely deep green sofas as well. The dark colors look so rich in velvet. Here’s to winning the lottery!

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