Good Cheer Wallpaper

Jones_GC_Intsall1Have a look at this vibrant wallpaper by mixed media artist Cassandra Jones. A series of  colorful, symmetrical, kaleidoscope style designs creates a fun eclectic pattern that really catches the eye. The design is called Good Cheer and is created using images from stock photography, eBay, and public domain archives. Isn’t it cheery? Well actually it is quite literally very cheery. Once you get up close it might become a little clearer what I mean.

Do you see it yet?

Maybe a closer look might help…

Ponder away, put your nose right up there. I think that is the idea behind this wallpaper art.


Still not seeing it?

Well here are some up close, and somewhat personal, views of what the design is actually created from.

That’s right, Go! Fight! Win!  Did you guess these patterns were made entirely from photos of perky little cheerleaders?
Jones_GC_Detail_8 Jones_GC_Deatil_5 Jones_GC_Deatil_7 Jones_GC_Closeup_3 Jones_GC_Detail_6 Jones_GC_Closeup_2 Jones_GC_Closeup_1 Jones_GC_Closeup4Photos via Cassandra C. Jones


  1. Lisa in AL says:

    Totally strange!!

    • Agreed, but I bet if she came up with a pattern involving dogs wearing colorful sweaters you would buy it! 🙂

  2. Love the sense of humor… some weird contortionist moves too!

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