Finding Fabric- Chair Update

I think I might be going a little cross-eyed. I have been looking at fabric online for days now and I am still a bit unsure which direction to go.  I recently got these amazing little slipper chairs from a thrift store for only 70€. I love the shape but the fabric is definitely ho-hum, so I want to make some simple slip covers for them. They are small so it won’t require too much fabric just the decision on what fabric to use. Here is my problem…

I plan to use the chairs in my entry hall which is a cream color. This is the one room I cannot paint since the wall goes up the staircase which has a two-story vault. I would loveto add some color to this space through this new upholstery. I plan to keep the existing rug which has a bit of grey and yellow and I also have a colorful piece of artwork to work with in the room.  I also need to consider the connecting living room.DSC02985I plan on making a few changes in here, the biggest being to slipcover the sofa in a light blue. The pillows can change as well but the rest of the furniture will remain the same. My main thought is that I would use a colorful fabric on the entry chairs that I could also bring into this room, maybe replace the colorful pillows already in this room with the new fabric.

So here are some options I am considering…

I am currently leaning the direction of the multicolored floral fabric, Richloom Teak Slub Bouquet Blue. I love the way it looks with the existing artwork, it pulls out the yellow of the rug, and I think it could work well in the living room as well.Chair update
The changes I would make in the living room would look something like this. (The sofa color is a little off but you get the idea.)
DSC02986 copy

What do you think? Do you have a fabric you love that might work in this arrangement?

I have not made my final decision but I think I am definitely getting closer. I will keep you posted…


  1. Alice says:

    I think the next chair fabric, the one with rose as the predominate color and less busy patterning, goes much better with the table and existing rug. That pattern also doesn’t compete with the painting, which I think your current front runner does.

    • Thanks for your vote Alice. I would be happy with any of these but I have having a bit of fabric overload. Normally I would go to the fabric store and something would jump out at me but the online shopping is not as immediate and gets a little tedious. I agree with you on the front runner, I like it in the living room but not as much in the entry. I may be asking for too much out of one fabric. Reviewing my post and seeing all the options together helps me see what I do and don’t like about each fabric. We’ll see if anyone else has and option…

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