Room # 7- Man Cave, Final Reveal!

man CaveHappy St Patrick’s Day! I shared my love of green with you in my last post so I figured you might appreciate a little more now that I am finally ready to reveal the completed “Man Cave” which was inspired by some amazing Malachite green fabric by HGTV.

What  began as a cold unfinished basement and slowly transformed into a cozy second living space and office for my husband. With lots of help from our landlord and some great thrift store finds I was able to totally turn this room around.

The first step was completed by our landlord after we expressed an interest in using this room as a living space. New windows and a radiator followed by a fresh coat of paint made the room livable.

You can read about these updates HERE and HERE.

Have a look at where we started…

The lovely before shot, Excuse our mess!

Not sure if you remember the lovely before shot, but you can see we have come a long way.

And here is where we ended up… Man Cave The only new purchases I made where the Ikea FRIHETEN sofa and the Ikea LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug. The rest of the room is furnished entirely from thrift store finds totaling around $200. Some of the pieces required a little TLC which you can read about HERE, HERE and HERE, but the credenza and coffee table looked great as is.Man CaveIn a house with no closets storage is a must but looking at ugly wall lockers is not. A full length curtain hung from the ceiling help hide the not so attractive necessities of life.

Add months of flea market finds and a few odds and ends pulled out of storage and the room is complete.

I am so pleased with the final results and you can bet my husband is glad to have a space of his own. Well mostly his own, I have been know to hide out from the kids down here when a Mario Cart marathon is going on. Man Cave


  1. Maggie… You are amazing! Wow, what a complete transformation and it’s stunning. Please, tell your husband for me that he is one lucky man!!! You did a gorgeous job!

    • Thanks so much Libby. Chuck loves his new room but I think secretly he liked it filthy and freezing so no one would bother him down there. He did tell me I could come down and visit sometimes, and now I actually want to!

  2. Wow! What a great room and such a special space for your husband. I am giving our office/den a bit of a masculine vibe so my husband has a room that he feels super-comfortable in. Maybe he will watch football in there instead of the living room!

    • Thanks Melissa. As long as you add a big TV to that update I am sure he will go! My husband likes some alone time so I have the opposite problem, getting him out…

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