Bicycle Boy’s Room!

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Last week I was shopping for a living room rug at (which by the way has some great rugs, at great prices, plus free shipping) and got totally sidetracked by the cutest bicycle rug that would be perfect for a little boys room. So rather than decide on a new rug for the living room I became totally involved in vintage style bicycles and decor. Shopping around led me to some great ideas for a great boys room makeover.

Wonder if my son Will is ready for some new decor…

Probably not but I have a plan once he is!


  1. Annamarie Horvath says:

    On RugsUSA how do you check out with an APO address? I’d love to know as it has never worked for me.

    • Unfortunately Rugs USA does not ship to an APO address. I usually just have it shipped to a friend in the US that doesn’t mind re-shipping it via USPS. The other option is using which will do the same thing for a fee of $9+shipping.Fortunately Rugs USA does not charge shipping so you are only paying it once.

  2. Annamarie Horvath says:

    Thanks, I know all about and have used them in the past. I was simply hoping you found a way to truely get ‘free shipping’.

    Also, thanks for the lead on the thrift store in Nuremburg. I’m hoping to head up there soon.

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