Day Trip to Wurzburg


Will at the Alte Mainbrucke on the Main River

Last week for the President’s day holiday we decided to visit the wonderful city of Würzburg. This was not the first time we planned to make this trip. We had actually planned it several times and never quite made it. Friends had told us great things about Würzburg and since it’s only an hours drive from our house we figured it would be the perfect day trip. The sun was shining and we had a day off work and school so it was finally going to happen.

WurzburgFounded in the 10th century, Würzburg is the capital of Lower Franconia and straddles the Main River, known for its architecture, art and wine there is much to draw you in.  While historical sites abound, Wurzburg is also home to a major University which means it has a young feel as well.

We set the GPS to arrive at the Würzburg Residence, a palace commissioned by Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn  and completed in 1744. Built to rival Versailles, the Residence is one of the finest baroque structures in Germany and a Unesco World Heritage Site.


While the kids got a little bored on the tour, the front courtyard was made for “twirling like a Disney Princess.”

WurzburgWhen we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find that they offer a tour in English. Which was well worth the
17€ entrance for the entire family even with a few sighs from the kids. The entire complex is a magnificent culmination of some of the most talented artisans of the time. After our tour we ate at the restaurant on site which in the States can sometimes be a big mistake but in Germany is usually an excellent choice. Finishing up at the Residence with a walk in the gardens which were impressive in winter and I would assume are amazing in the spring. I saw a sign advertising their tulip season and I think I know when to plan my next visit!

 The residence is not the only attraction Wurzburg has to offer. There are other amazing historical landmarks, a thriving Alstadt (old town) with lots of shopping and restaurants and the Alte Mainbrucke or the Saints’ Bridge which offers wonderful views of the city and the river. I think the bridge was the favorite for the kids  since we were able to watch a barge make its way through the locks that are just below the bridge.  The same kids that were bored by the Residence tour spent 45 minutes watching the water go up and down and the boat pass through, totally free, go figure!

WurzburgI know our day trip only skimmed the surface of all Würzburg has to offer but I will definitely planning a trip back. Now knowing that Würzburg also has endless opportunities for wine tasting and winery tours I think the next trip might be without the kids. Perhaps when the tulips are blooming… Wurzburg

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