Nuki by Titiribi

481650_350423268407748_1626672641_nThis week I ran across Lina Benjumea a Colombian Architect-Designer, world traveler, and an amazing artist sharing her work on Esty.  I am sure you can tell right away what drew me to her work. Color,color and more color!

Although she is originally from Colombia Lina lived in New York for 12 years and more recently has lived in Hong Kong for the past 3 year. Her work is a colorful culmination of here travels and her roots.  Having traveled extensively in South America Lina has spent lots of time in Peru and Mexico where she loves to visit the street markets. There she was influenced by the colors of the tropic and now after her time in Hong Kong
she is also feeling the influences from South Asia.

“My work is the result of my travels.”

Lina has worked as a consultant in product development for home and textiles for years but she loved to do things with my hands so she start Nuki by Titiribi a line of contemporary design home products with a Latin twist.

She calls her product line Tiritibi by Nuki a name that comes from her native Columbia. Tiritibi is a little town in the Colombian Andes. and Nuki (or Nuqui in Colombian) is a small fishing town in the tropical forest of the pacific coast of Colombia.

You can see that Lina’s work ranges from furniture and household goods to jewelry and nesting dolls and while many of her products are functional they all have a sculptural quality about them that is one of a kind.

If you are loving these bold colors and whimsical design as much as I am be sure to visit Lina on Facebook and Pinterest where you can see more of her work, and of course check out her store on Etsy if you would like to own a piece of your own.


  1. Kelly at View Along the Way says:

    So fun and whimsical! I love learning about new (to me) etsy artists!

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