Easy Ribbon Trim Lampshade DIY

The “Man Cave” is very close to being complete, well at least ready for action since nothing in my house is ever “complete.” I have worked hard adding accessories, hanging pictures and finishing up a few DIY projects so it will be ready for the final reveal. Recently you saw my applique pillows DIY and this week I have been just as busy.

Banded Lamp ShadeTrying not to buy new, this week I did some rearranging and moved some lamps I already had to the “Man Cave.” Unfortunately I found that the lampshades blended right into the wall color. I considered maybe adding a fabric covered shade but since I already have a lot of pattern going on in the room I thought I should go a little more subtle. That’s when I found these simple ribbon trim shades at Pottery Barn Teen for $49 each, ouch! I am pretty sure I didn’t pay that much for the whole lamp. I love the simple ribbon trim lampshade and the black would work perfectly with I the new space but I can’t justify the price. I got to thinking, since I already had the set of drum shades I figured I could try to reproduce them on the cheap.

What you’ll need:
1.Drum shade
2.Glue gun
3.Twill tape or ribbon
4.Pair of scissors

The process is very simple. Start by gluing the end of the ribbon at the seam of the shade. Then add glue a few inches at a time adhering the ribbon along the edge if the shade. Continue around until you cone back to the seam cutting the ribbon about 1/2″ past the seam. Glue the end of the ribbon under so it doesn’t fray then glue it down so it over laps the raw edge of the ribbon where you started. Do the same at the opposite edge of the shade. Here are the steps in photos.

The results look every bit as good as the store-bought version and I saved about $90 by doing it myself.

Here are few helpful hints:
A drum shade works best for this project since the edge is flat and you don’t have to work the ribbon along an angle.
You can use any type of ribbon but I chose Twill tape since it has a matte finish and a bit of flex so it is easy to work around the curve.
Only glue as mush area as you can work in a minute or two, the glue dries fast and you want to be able to take you time laying it straight.

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