Apartment Therapy’s The Homies 2014


I started blogging in August and it has been such a fun  learning process.Even in this short amount of time I have learned so much and have come in contact with some really amazing people (yes, that means you!)  Now thanks to my amazing people I have been nominated for The Homies Awards at Apartment Therapy in two different categories, Design Inspiration and Projects & DIY.

If you read my blog and have become a fan here is a way to show your love. Please go to  Apartment Therapy Homies Design Inspiration and Homies Projects & DIY and enter your nominations for Maggie Overby Studios by clicking the +1 next to my name. If you’ve never visited Apartment Therapy in the past, you will have to register first but not to worry this only takes a minute. While your there I highly recommend you poke around a bit, you will find lots to love!

Thanks for your continued support!



  1. Lisa in AL says:

    Done! Good luck Maggie!! : )

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