Modern Ceramics by Mudpuppy Michael McDowell

MudpuppyI love to browse through all the amazing shops on Esty marking my favorites and planning future gifts for others and more often for myself.  This week was no exception, I love to see what all these creative minds have to offer. So while doing my browsing I ran across a lovely shop by Micheal McDowell called Mudpuppy.  This shop is full of handmade ceramic pieces with a modern edge.

Each of his pieces has a modern edge, yet still feels very natural and handmade – See more at:
Each of his pieces has a modern edge, yet still feels very natural and handmade – See more at:

But Micheal McDowell did not start out a clay artist he used to have a day job as a senior web designer, but in 2008 when Micheal was laid off and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He quickly ceased the opportunity and re-built his life exactly the way he wanted it and on his own terms. He started focusing on his clay hobby and developed it into a full time business. He did this by taking advantage of everything Etsy had to offer.

Micheal is now a full time aclay artist / craftsman living, working and obsessing over modern art and environments in Denver Colorado. The majority of his work centers around designing ceramic products for urban living, typically involving plant and garden pieces that have a dual purpose being both sculptural and functional while economizing space.

His objective is to hand craft beautiful, well made modern ceramics for your home. Some are fun and functional and some are just plain fun! All of them are beautiful…

“My work is continually evolving but I do follow a few self imposed guidelines; keep it simple, include my love of plants, and make pieces I would buy myself.”

And you can certainly buy some of McDowell’s work for yourself at Mudpuppy on Esty but these items are only a small taste of  what he has to offer. If you really want to see what he’s up to check out his website where you will find photos from more of his amazing projects along with tons of inspirational quotes.

Or you can keep up on Instagram or Twitter where you can see some behind the scenes shots of the work in progress and his studio. Still haven’t gotten enough Muddpuppy? In McDowell’s spare time he is busy scouring the web and nurturing his soul with incredible art which you can find on Pinterest. See his online curation of exquisite work in all things including interior porn (love this term, so stealing it), sculpture, fine art and clay.

However you chose to find Micheal McDowell and  Mudpuppy I promise you will love his work! Gotta go guys I have more shopping to do!


{images via Mudpuppy}

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