Little Yellow Knobs, Big Impact.

Yellow KnobsYellow Knobs This morning I made one little change that made a big impact and it only took about 15 minutes. I found these pretty little knobs last week at the antique market and couldn’t pass them up. Pretty knobs at a good price are hard to find here in Germany so I bought six with no purpose in mind other than to have them on hand in case I needed them.  I pulled them out of my purse and left them in the kitchen meaning to put them away. Well a week passed and there they sat until I passed them this morning with a sudden inspiration. Instead of leaving them to sit on top of my Hemnes cabinet, why not put them ON the cabinet.

Yellow KnobsYellow Knob
I bought this Hemnes shoe cabinet to put in the kitchen for a bit of creative storage. I am using it to store flat pans and cutting boards and best of all that ugly power strip and all those wires for the phone and router. It came with some pretty basic knobs that are fine, but boring. They are an antique pewter color that basically blends in with the black of the cabinet. So when I added these pretty yellow knobs to the black they really made a big difference. What a great change for such a simple, easy update. And best of all the pop of color makes me smile.  Are there any little changes you could make to perk things up?

As long as we are discussing pops of color, check out this beautiful Jonathan Adler Chloe Faux-Agate Storage Box my sister got me for my birthday. It is from the JCP Happy Chic collection and is great place to drop keys and loose change.

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