Man Cave – Furniture Finds and Camouflage

Man CaveAs promised yesterday I have an update for you on the “Man Cave.” Earlier in the month I had a list going on all the tasked that needed to be done before I could get the room completed. A lot has been happening since then and here is what the lists looks like now…

  • Reorganize wall lockers 
  • Finish curtains to camouflage wall lockers
  • Find coffee table
  • Find a console for a TV
  • Make pillows
  • Re-upholster swivel chair for desk
  • Hang artwork
  • Add accessories
  • Update coffee table

Pretty good progress and that is with two new additions to the list! so here is what we were looking at last time you were here. A giant pile of Army gear and  a lot of organization that needed to happen. I bought some shelves for the wall lockers and got to work. Mostly folding and sorting but the end result is quite and improvement.

Man Cave

Of course the very next day two giant duffel bags came home to be added to the pile.

Then came the camouflage for the camouflage. Twenty two yards of fabric and some basic sewing skills and the wall locker are hidden. A ceiling mounted track makes for a movable curtain that can be opened when access is needed and kept closed to hide the not so very attractive Army issue wall lockers.

As you can see I also worked on a few pillows and scored a great coffee table for 8€ ($11) at the local Thrift store. The table is in great shape but a little boring so I have a project planned to spice it up a bit (one of the additions to the list.)

My second score of the week is one of my favorites. A mid-century credenza in perfect condition that I also found at a local thrift store for only 55€($77.)   Now that I have this piece in place I was able to set up the TV. It looks small but is actually a 32″- the credenza is quite large.ManCave CradenzaNow with all the major player in their final locations I am ready to get this project finished up. A few small projects, some accessories and wall art and the “Man Cave” will be ready for action.


  1. It’s looking great! If you need any more man cave ideas, you should check out this blog:

    • Thanks Alayna, I don’t think we need the “double kegerator” here in Germany but I will definitely have some taxidermy in the mix before it is over.

  2. Hi Maggie! What size is the rug in your man cave?

    • Hi Tiffany, The rug I used is 6′-7″ x 9′-10″ but it also comes in a 6′-7″x 6′-7″ square version. The but square one does have a thin blue and green strip along two edges so they are not identical.

      • I saw that blue and green strip on the square rug online and thought it was a graphics glitch on my computer. Guess not. Thanks!

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